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I Still Cannot Log In

If you cannot log in to WeBWorK

  • Are you accessing the correct course?
    • Check the course name. For example, Calculus 1 Science courses begin with 201-NYA, whereas Calculus 1 Social Science (Commerce) courses begin with 201-103. Linear Algebra Science courses begin with 201-NYC, while Linear Algebra Social Science courses begin with 201-105.
    • Check your teacher’s name. All courses have the teacher’s name at the end.
    • Your teacher might have more than one course, or more than one section of the same course. Make sure that you are choosing the correct course and section.
  • Are you using the correct password?
    • Your WeBWorK password is different from the password given to you by the College.
    • Your initial WeBWorK password is the same as your student ID.
    • Even if you used WeBWorK in the past, your WeBWorK password gets reset at the beginning of every semester and for every course.

Your teacher can reset your password

If you still cannot log in, talk to your teacher. If needed, your teacher can reset your password for you.

Last update: 2022-11-01