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Diagnostic Quizzes for Calculus

About the Quizzes

Each quiz contains five questions that are drawn randomly from a larger grouping set of ten or more questions. Each question is one of three types: (1) Multiple Choice, (2) Multiple Select, or (3) True or False.

Examples of the three types of questions

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice quiz question

Exactly one answer is correct. The choice order changes, but “None of the above” is always last.

Multiple Select

Multiple select quiz question

At least one answer is correct. The choice order changes, but “None of the above” is always last.

True or False

True or false quiz question

Use Diagnostic Quizzes out of the box

Each Quiz contains five questions that are drawn randomly from a larger grouping set of ten or more questions. Refer to the Tables below on Quiz grouping sets. Each Quiz is a timed quiz to be completed in 15 minutes.


There are many ways randomization occurs in these quizzes, such as: random choice of five questions, random order in which choices appear in the Multiple choice or select types, as well as random changes in numbers, variables, words and phrases, and functions.


To use Quiz 16 Chain Rule with Trig (Note: the grouping set is topic-diffrules-chain-withtrig)


Unlike a regular WeBWorK homework assignment whose definition depends on two types of files, problem (.pg) files and set definition (.def) files, these quizzes depend on three types of files. The problem files live in the library as usual, but to use these quizzes, you will have to import both the quiz set and one or more grouping sets into your WeBWorK course.

  1. Import the quiz and its grouping set
    Hmwk Sets Editor Import tab:
    • Import how many sets? Multiple sets
    • Import from where?
  2. Assign the quiz and unassign the grouping set
    Hmwk Sets Editor Set List Edit Assigned Users column (click on the ratio, e.g., 1/24 if there are 24 users):
    • Quiz 16 Chain Rule with Trig Assign to students (e.g., 24/24 for all users)
    • topic-diffrules-chain-withtrig Assign to no one (e.g., 0/24 for no users)
  3. Set the quiz Open and Close Dates
    Hmwk Sets Editor Set List Click on the pencil beside the Quiz, e.g. Quiz 16 Chain Rule with Trig Modify dates:
    • Opens:
    • Closes:
    • Answers Available:
  4. Verify the quiz Default Settings

    Setting Default
    Test Time Limit (min; 0=Close Date) 15
    Cap Test Time at Set Close Date? No
    Number of Graded Submissions per Test (0=infty) 0
    Time Interval for New Test Versions (min; 0=infty) 0
    Number of Tests per Time Interval (0=infty) 0
    Order Problems Randomly No
    Number of Problems per Page (0=all) 0
    Show Scores on Finished Assignments? Yes
    Show Problems on Finished Tests? Yes

Use or modify a specific diagnostic quiz question

Example: Use a Chain Rule with trigonometry question

All the questions on this topic are in the grouping set called topic-diffrules-chain-withtrig. Either import the grouping set in the Hmwk Sets Editor, or view the grouping set definition file through the Library Browser. The Library Browser has the advantage of easily viewing different randomizations of each question.

Option 1 - Import the grouping set

Hmwk Sets Editor Import tab:

  • Import how many sets? Single set
  • Import from where?

Option 2 - View the set definition file

  • Library Browser Set Definition Files
  • Browse from: Select a Set Definition File from the drop-down menu choose

Randomization - Be Aware

Before using a specific question, view several versions of it to see how it changes, or view the code itself. Beyond the randomization of coefficients, words or complete phrases could change, as well as the function that is displayed.


Say you want to assign a Chain Rule question specifically with the arctangent function, just be aware that the function displayed could change to the arccosine or the tangent function for some students.

Report Bugs

If you notice an error or any unexpected behaviour in a question or a quiz, please report it to: Michèle Titcombe, Svetla Vassileva, or Malcolm Harper.


Example: One version of Calculus 1 - Quiz 16 Chain Rule with Trig

Quiz 16 version 1

Quiz Grouping Sets, Calculus 1

Number Title Grouping Set
Quiz 1 Limits Using Graphs topic-limits-graphs
Quiz 2 One-Sided Limits topic-limits-onesided
Quiz 3 Properties of Limits topic-limits-laws-properties
Quiz 4 Infinite Limits and Vertical Asymptotes topic-limits-infinite-VA
Quiz 5 Continuity and Intermediate Value Theorem topic-limits-continuity-ivt
Quiz 6 Limits at Infinity and Horizontal Asymptotes topic-limits-at-infinity-HA
Quiz 7 Limit Definition of the Derivative topic-derivatives-limit-definition
Quiz 8 Derivative of Natural Exponential Function topic-diffrules-exp-base-e
Quiz 9 Basic Differentiation Rules topic-diffrules-basic
Quiz 10 Product and Quotient Rules topic-diffrules-prodquot-notrig
Quiz 11 Chain Rule topic-diffrules-chain-notrig
Quiz 12 Implicit Differentiation topic-implicit-differentiation
Quiz 13 Derivative of Natural Logarithmic Function topic-diffrules-natural-log
Quiz 14 Trigonometric Differentiation Rules topic-diffrules-trig
Quiz 15 Product and Quotient Rules with Trig topic-diffrules-prodquot-withtrig
Quiz 16 Chain Rule with Trig topic-diffrules-chain-withtrig
Quiz 17 Mixed Differentiation Rules topic-diffrules-mix
Quiz 18 Inverse Trigonomatric Differentiation Rules topic-diffrules-inverse-trig
Quiz 19 Derivative of General exponential function topic-diffrules-exp-base-a
Quiz 20 Derivative of General logarithmic function topic-diffrules-log-base-a
Quiz 21 Related Rates topic-related-rates
Quiz 22 Differentials and Linear Approximation topic-differentials
Quiz 23 Derivatives and Shape of Graph topic-shape-of-graph
Quiz 24 L’Hopital’s Rule topic-limits-lhopitals-rule

Quiz Grouping Sets, Pre-Calculus

Number Title Grouping Set
Quiz 0 Math Vocabulary with Theory theory-math-vocabulary
Quiz 1 Vocabulary topic-math-vocabulary
Quiz 2 Exponent Laws topic-exponent-laws
Quiz 3 Factoring topic-factoring
Quiz 4 Equations topic-equations
Quiz 5 Intervals topic-intervals
Quiz 6 Domain topic-intervals-domain
Quiz 7 Functions topic-general-functions
Quiz 8 Lines topic-equations-of-lines
Quiz 9 Curves topic-basic-curves
Quiz 10 Trigonometry topic-trigonometry
Quiz 11 Logarithms topic-logarithms
Quiz 12 Inequalities topic-inequalities
Quiz 13 Simplifying topic-simplifying
Quiz 14 Rationalizing topic-rationalizing
Quiz 15 Logic Symbols theory-logic-symbols, topic-logic-symbols
Mixed Topics 1 from grouping sets 1 - 5
Mixed Topics 2 from grouping sets 6 - 10
Mixed Topics 3 from grouping sets 11 - 15

Last update: 2023-03-11